Which US Winter Resorts Are Worth Visiting in 2017?

Well, as most of Americans would think, that when it comes to real, infrastructure-ready winter resorts - we’ve got Aspen in Colorado and that’s it... But the reality is that the US actually has a handful of awesome winter destinations, spread across quite a few US states, including Alaska and Dakota!

A List of the Best Winter Resorts in Europe

When it comes to picking a destination for your next winter holiday, some countries in Europe stand out from the rest. Basically, because of geography and climate differences, out of 53 European states, there’s only a handful of full-blown, skiing ready and mountainous-enough places. Austria, Ukraine and...

The History of Snowboarding

Out of all wintertime outdoors activities (and sports), snowboarding is the one that truly stands out in its popularity. But roll the clock 50 years back and you’ll see that the situation was not always like that - with the skiing being everyone’s winter sports darling at the time. So when did the snowboarding take over?

Downhill skiing VS Cross-country skiing

If you ask which winter sport is the most popular nowadays - there’s no doubt that skiing will be in top 2. But actually, the skiing itself is divided in 2 vastly different practices - the downhill ride skiing and the cross-country skiing. Each of these has a fandom of its own, and each of these has its cons and pros.